Third & Fourth Class are the best class ever!

Most people would agree that 3 rd & 4 th class are the best in the school. Here are some reasons why.

  • Our teacher Miss Deere is so kind
  • The students are amazing and kind
  • The classroom is super colourful
  • We play games on Ipads and we play board games to help us learn
  • Nothing is too hard
  • We do fun activities
  • We always learn new stuff
  • We grow plants
  • We do lots of Art
  • We do projects
  • Miss Deere will help you with anything and is always there if you need to talk with someone
Some people wouldn’t agree but we sure do!
Written by Charlene (4 th Class)

I think 3 rd and 4 th class are the best class because we are quieter than a mouse! Here are many more reasons why.

  • We have very talented hurling and football players
  • We work hard and we do a lot of Go Noodle
  • Our music is on point and we have a super teacher
  • This clearly shows that 3 rd and 4 th class are the best class
Written by Caoimhe (3 rd Class)

I think that 3 rd and 4 th class is the best class in Cork. I have at least three reasons why it is the best. Most people would agree that the classroom is so colourful and has lots of nice and beautiful art which we hang up around the classroom or outside on the wall. We do amazing projects and make sure everybody likes their group. The subjects that people really like are Art, Drama, PE. We also do Math games, Irish games, Gaeilge centres and English centres too.

Surely you would agree that we are always reading in this class and people love reading as well. I hope you do too. You should love this class because of the colour and art. The games are good too!

Written by Shay (4 th Class)

I think 3 rd and 4 th are the best class and here are my reasons why I think so. The children are really nice and our teacher is really good and very nice. We do a lot of subjects too.

We do lots of fun stuff like Dance Mat typing, coding, reading, the Daily Mile, Go Noodle and a lot of sports. Our subjects are Maths, English, Irish, Religion, Geography, Science, History, Writing and we play the tin whistle. I think we are the best class in the world!

Written by Harry (3 rd Class)