Third & Fourth Class Kindness Zone!

This year our class motto is Kindness Comes First. We think this is a good motto because

Third Class

When we are kind, everyone is happy and it is nice to be happy and to be a good person. That is how you make friends

This motto can encourage people to be kind and become a better person. You should tell everyone you know so they can encourage others so everyone can get better at it. When people are in trouble, just tell them “Kindness comes first ”

It makes people be kinder to other people

You shouldn ’t be mean to others. Try to help your friends and be nice to new people. You could show them around the school

If you are kind, you will make more friends

It tells everyone to be nice and being nice is so important

If kindness doesn ’t come first, the whole class will not be very nice to each other. Everyone has feelings so if you hurt your friend ’s inside feelings, you are really not being kind

Fourth Class

It helps us to be kinder to other people and we can help others if they are sad

It is a very nice motto, and it encourages people to be kind

Some people are bullied a lot, so this sign tells them it is not right to be bullying

Kindness should always come first. Think about the things you do- we should always think before we do something- would I like that?

It shows us that kindness really does come first. It is really nice to be a kind and nice person

We should not bully people- we should be kind and show respect

To make new friends, we should be kind, show respect, show how much we love them and care about them. It is good to be nice, help others and show them the right thing to do

You always need to be kind to people. It doesn ’t matter if you don ’t know them, you should still be kind to them

Kindness is really important and if you are kind to others, they will be kind to you back. So, remember this saying- give respect, get respect!

It ’s true that there can be kindness in the air so I really think everyone should be kind to each other!

Kindness always comes first. No matter what!

Being kind is nice and I love being kind to other people and my friends

It should come first because kindness can make someone happy

Being kind is cool and kindness is key in our lives