In Junior and Senior Infants we love to play, sing, dance, colour, paint and have lots of fun while learning!!
Here are some of our favourite things about school and our class:

Junior Infants

  • “I like going for our daily mile on the track.” Annabeth
  • “I like doing pair work with the Senior Infants during our Maths time and role play in Aistear.”- Sienna
  • “I love the colouring and getting to learn the different colours in another language. “ Logan
  • “I love because we get to do Aistear and lots of Arts and Crafts.”- Danylo
  • “I enjoy playing soccer in the yard during break time with my friends.” Jack
  • “I enjoy it because I get to play with my friends during Aistear time and get to use lots of different toys.” Leja
  • “I really enjoy playing different games with my friends during lunch time.” Dermot
  • “I really enjoy going outside and playing Soccer with my friends.” James
  • “I love playing with my friends during break time and P.E. class.” Leighanne
  • “I love doing Arts and Crafts. My favourite was making hedgehogs out of clay. It was fun.” Isabelle

Senior Infants

  • “I love playing with my friends in the yard.” Mason
  • “I love playing with all the different toys in Aistear and I love doing work.” Chloe
  • “I like school because we get to use tablets.” Irene
  • “I like school because it is fun and we get to play.” Flynn
  • “We do lots of nice things with our teacher.” Alfie
  • “We get to play during Aistear and outside at break times.” Theresa
  • “It’s fun to play with all my friends and I get to meet my teacher.” Fiachradh
  • “I get to play and learn something new every day.” Ronan
  • I get to play with my friends every day and I get to meet my teacher every day.” Chloe
  • “I like going outside to play, doing work inside and our movement breaks.” Caoimhe.