In First and Second Class, we love to have lots of fun! We enjoy playing games as Gaeilge, using the iPads and getting involved in group work. We are very proud of our School.

Here’s our favourite things about Castletownroche National School:

First Class

  • Noah – “I love seeing my friends happy in school”
  • Annie – “I love playing Balloon Pop on the whiteboard and getting high scores”
  • Mark – “I love when we get to play the clapping game in class”
  • Eleanor – “I love school because everyone is nice to one another”
  • Liam – “I love playing basketball”
  • Edith – “I love when we listen to music every Friday while doing art”
  • Sean – “My favourite thing about CTRNS is playing chain tag with my class”
  • Meabh – “My favourite thing about school is we get to learn new things everyday”
  • Kevin – “I love playing with my friends at break time”
  • Lily – “I love when we all play together. It’s really fun!”

Second Class

  • Marc – “I love doing PE with my friends”
  • Meadhbh – “My favourite thing about CTRNS is getting to see my friends everyday”
  • Amelia – “I love doing art every Friday”
  • Cormac – “I love doing Busy at Maths everyday”
  • Callan – “I really like when we get to do activities outside”
  • Victor – “My favourite thing about school is running the Daily Mile”
  • Martin – “I love playing soccer at break time”
  • Bobby – “My favourite thing about CTRNS is doing activities on the interactive whiteboard”
  • Kevin B – “I love watching movies at breaktime on rainy days”
  • Luke – “I love playing Dobble”
  • Billy – “I like playing catch with my class”
  • Ellen – “I think circle time is really fun! We do it every week”