Fifth and Sixth Class

Cycle Right Training

Caroline from the Cork County Council is providing our class with cycle training. For five sessions during October and November, our boys and girls are learning how to cycle competently and safely.

GAA Blitzes

Our boys and girls have been partaking in Sciath na Scol football and hurling blitzes this Autumn. We have attended GAA blitzes at St. Colmans in Fermoy, in Ballyhooly and in Killavullen.

Using our School Chromebooks

Our class are delighted to get access to our school chromebooks on a daily basis. The children use them for researching topics as well as doing their daily spellings on the Spellings for Me online programme.

Teaming up with the Infant classes

Our 5th and 6th class have teamed up with the Infant classes for a Nature Walk, tour of the school and also drawing plans of the school together. The purpose of these exercises is to welcome our infants to the school, get to know the infants and make them familiar with the older classes and their new school.

Picking potatoes from our school garden

With the help of Mr. Bracken, our class were lucky enough to be part of the process of planting potatoes in our school garden, watching them grow and then in late September, we got to pick the potatoes.

Art activities

Each week, our class get the opportunity to do art, exploring their artistic sides. Some lessons included using leaves to print for their autumn art and making cool silhouettes to create a spooky Halloween painting.